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Master’s Legion regatta

West End was the most successful club at Saturday’s Legion of Rowers Nielsen Kellerman (NZ) Masters Regatta on Lake Karapiro – winning an impressive 10 gold medals!

Our masters squad loved being back racing on the water again and it was awesome to see how all their hard training during lockdowns has paid off. Carolyn Steele was our most successful athlete winning 5 gold medals from 5 races. And Robbie Manson was a late super-sub into the West End men’s A-D 8+, giving them an extra boost. 

Two long-time West End legends Juliette Drysdale and Erin James were back racing with us at Legions again this year. They both started with West End as teenagers – great to see their transition from school rowers, club rowers, international rowers, and now masters rowers with their next generation in tow.

Congratulations to all our West Enders for a really successful regatta. Special mention to Chief Umpire Garth Bradford for towing our boats; and also to David Milne and Jo MacKay who (after a full year of solid training) at the last minute couldn’t compete due to Covid restrictions. The next Masters regatta is at Lake Karapiro in September so expect to see lots of West End masters athletes training at the club during the cold and dark winter months.

First place finishes were:
M A-D 1x B Smart
W A-D 1x C Steele
W A-D 2x E Burte, C Steele
W A-D 4x- E Burte, K Littlejohn, C Steele, S Goldsbury
W A-D 8+ C Tolhurst, E James, J Drysdale, C Steele, S Goldsbury, C Kerr, S Sawbridge, K Littlejohn, E Burte
M E-H 4x- R Hughes, G Williams, T Russell, H Waalkens
M A-D 4- A Fassler, B VanRooy, G Neill, M McMurray
Mxd 4x- M DeLong, S Sawbridge, R Hughes, H Waalkens
W A-D 2- E James, J Drysdale
W open 8+ C Tolhurst, E James, J Drysdale, C Steele, S Goldsbury, C Kerr, S Sawbridge, K Littlejohn, E Burte