School Leavers WERCshop

Saturday, June 11th at West End Rowing Club – 8:30am – 1pm

Coaches Robbie & Nick are giving back to the Auckland Region by offering a WERCshop to all school leavers to learn more about transitioning to their next step in their rowing career. This WERCshop is being offered one-time only free of charge!

Space is limited so register today Here

What is club rowing, elite rowing, & American University rowing/recruiting about? A chance to also go on water and learn a few tips from professional coaches who have competed at the highest levels in the sport! Coaches Robbie & Nick’s combined expertise in Olympic and World Championship racing, high performance sport, club rowing, & NCAA Division 1 university recruiting will help you with your rowing career and understand what options you have next!

The four key topics of the WERCshop will include:

Club Rowing (Presented by Robbie & Nick) – How the club rowing season works and why you should do it! What makes it different or more fun than school rowing? What are the goals? Regardless of the club you might join, we want to help you better understand what club rowing is all about and how much fun you’ll have in this new chapter of the sport for you. 

Elite Rowing (Presented by Robbie) – What does it take to become an elite level rower? What does that process look like and what are the commitments? What elite rowing is like and the process to getting to that level. Robbie will draw from his own experience as a New Zealand elite rower to provide you an idea of what that level of rowing is actually like and what you need to do if that’s your goal.

On-Water Skill – Robbie & Nick will take you through a couple skills that you can apply immediately to your training. This will include a brief on water session to apply the concepts immediately.

American University Recruiting (Presented by Nick) – Are you interested in going to the United States for university? Nick will share his experience as a former American University lead recruiter and provide information about what the United States is like as a country, what you should consider about the universities, what is required by recruiters, the process of recruitment, as well as information provided directly from some the current top level university recruiters in the United States. 

The WERCshop will be divided into two segments.
First; Club rowing, elite rowing, & on-water skill;
Second; American University Recruiting. You may attend one or both segments.

Parents please note: Club Rowing, Elite Rowing, and On-Water Skills are for current school leaver rowers only. Parents are welcome to attend the recruiting presentation (space permitting). A final schedule and details will be sent out in the week leading up to the event.