COVID-19 procedures

As at 12 pm 30th August, we are operating at Level 2

Hello Everyone,

We hope you are well and safe at this time and look forward to welcoming you back to the clubhouse under Auckland’s Alert Level 2. Please be aware that Auckland’s Alert Level 2 requires gatherings of <10 people and we, therefore, are not allowing more than 10 people inside our facility at one time. Under Sport NZ guidelines groups of up to 10 are allowed to participate in a sport together though. Under the current guidelines and recognising that many of our programs having racing seasons beginning at this time we have taken a different approach to the access to the clubhouse that will allow equitable access to all of our groups in a team setting. Each group will have allotted time frames throughout the week (see schedule at the bottom) when they have access to the club. Additionally, there are “Open” time frames where any member can sign up to use the facility on a first come first served basis based on signing up through the same google form we used the last time (See link below). It is our goal to get everyone back out on the water and do so in a safe manner. We do not want to see our club become another cluster or any of our members be harmed and therefore access to the club is granted to our membership assuming they adhere to the following procedures. We hope that these guidelines will only be in place for a few weeks until Auckland can be reduced to a lower alert level or increased gathering numbers.

  1. No more than 10 are allowed inside the clubhouse at any given time. No more than 10 may congregate outside at boat washing or when getting equipment in and out. If there are already 10 inside then you must wait until someone has left before entering.
  2. If you have any symptoms (cough, sneeze, runny nose, etc.) you should stay home to exercise. If anyone is displaying Covid-19 symptoms then coaches or whoever is in charge should be asking you to leave.
  3. Sanitise or wash your hands upon entering the facility.
  4. You MUST scan the Covid-19 Government Tracer App at the door. If you do not have a smartphone then an alternative method of tracing may be set up for you.
  5. When using boats as is the normal practice you must fill out all logbook details including the full names of those in your crew so that we can trace who has been in which boat if that information is needed.
  6. All used equipment MUST be cleaned thoroughly after its use (ergs, weights, boats, oars, coach boats, megaphones, cox boxes, etc.).
  7. Toilets and other high touch surfaces should be cleaned after use.
  8. Aim to physically distance whenever possible.

Open Sessions:

  1. You must sign up on the following Google Form before arriving at the clubhouse. All individuals must sign up. If you see that 10 people are planning to arrive or use the facility then please select another time to arrive. Please limit erging at any given time to 6 people so that those who want to come in to use boats may be able to do so.
  2. Team/coached sessions should not occur at these times unless pre-approved by the club. The spirit of Open Sessions is to allow additional access to members for exercise and water access.
Check if there is space to use the facility? here
Sign up for an Open session here

Group Sessions:

  1. Groups practicing in their allotted times must have a self-organised system to ensure that no more than 10 have entered the facility. It is suggested to let 10 enter and change and get equipment out while the next group of 10 waits in their car and then allow them to enter and stagger in this manner. Each group of 10 must act as a bubble throughout the practice and physical distance from other groups of 10.
  2. Allotted times are the allotted time. You must prepare enough time to clean all of your equipment and high touch surfaces as well as change and depart the facility by the time the next group’s allotted time begins. Please be respectful of other’s time.
  3. Each group must clean everything that they’ve used before departing. It is suggested that someone or a few people in each group act as leaders to organize and make sure this has occurred.
  4. Each group should keep a record of who attended the session.
  5. Individual members should not be using the facility during group sessions even if there are less than 10 people in the clubhouse.

While it is a challenge during this time, we hope these guidelines will accomplish giving our programs successful training times as well as keep our community healthy. Spot checks will take place to make sure guidelines are being followed.

Access Schedule:

5:30am – 7:30amMasters – Access side door for changing rooms, showers, stairwell, and shed only. Do not enter the erg room.

SPC – Front door access only for erg room and front bathrooms. Shed access once the masters have launched on the water and must enter via the bay doors and not use the stairwell.
8am – 10amOlder Masters
10:30am – 3pmOpen Session
3:30pm – 6pmSPC
6pm – 8:30pmClub Squad
5:30am – 7:30amBaradene
8am – 10amOlder Masters
10:30am – 3pmOpen Session
3:30pm – 6pmMAGS
6pm – till closeOpen Session
5:30am – 7:30amMasters – Side door access only, changing rooms/showers & shed only.
Do not enter erg room.

SPC – Front door access, front bathrooms, and erg room only.
8am – 10amOlder Masters
10:30am – 1:30pmOpen Session
2pm – 4pmMAGS
4pm – 6pmBaradene
6pm – 8:30pmClub Squad
5:30am – 7:30amBaradene
8am – 10amOlder Masters
10:30am – 3pmOpen Session
3:30pm – 6pmMAGS
6pm – till closeOpen Session
5:30am – 7:30amMasters
8am – 10amOlder Masters
10:30am – 2:30pmOpen Session
3pm – 6:30pmSPC
6:30pm – till closeOpen Session
5:30am – 7:30amMasters
7:30 – 10:30amClub Squad
10:30am – 2pmSPC
2:30pm – till closeOpen Session
5:30am – 7:30amMasters
8am – 1:30amMAGS
1:30am – 5:30pmBaradene
6pm – till closeOpen Session