Covid-19 response

Hi West Enders!

The Shed is Re-Opening On Friday!!

Please take a few minutes to read through the policies and new guidelines that will allow our club to stay open under the current conditions of Alert Level 2.
Compliance will allow us to remain open.


  • No more than 10 persons are allowed inside the facility or congregating outside the facility at any one time. Please stagger your facility usage so that there is never more than 10 inside. More details on how below.
  • The weight room and office room should not exceed 2 persons.

Contact Tracing:

  • There is a QR code on the back door that should be scanned with your phone using the app both when entering and exiting the building. Don’t forget to check out!
  • Once you set up the app its as simple as a quick scan at the doorway.
  • Your data on Rippl is private and not shared with West End. It is strictly for the Ministry of Health in the event someone contracts Covid-19 in our membership.

Facility Usage Time Slot Sign Up:

  • In order to ensure there are not excessive gatherings at the boathouse please sign up for the time you expect to be at the facility using the Google Form below. Indicate the time you expect to arrive and depart the facility.
  • Sign up: here
  • You can see if there is a large amount of people expecting to be there and if it seems like it will exceed 10 then please choose an earlier or later arrival time when it is less crowded or try to come another day.
  • If you arrive and have not signed up ahead of time there is also a separate QR code on the door you can use to access the sign-up form. Please sign-up before arriving though so that you and others are not inconvenienced. Only sign up when you are certain you will arrive (don’t book out the whole week ahead of time) as canceling may impact other members.
  • This method will ensure everyone has equal opportunity access should they choose to use the facility.

Hygiene, Healthy & Safety Requirements:

  • If you have any sickness symptoms do not enter the facility or use any equipment and please stay home. If you are someone who is considered “at risk” you should also stay home.
  • Upon entering wash your hands immediately before touching anything in the facility and wash again before you depart.
  • Per Sport NZ requirements, all equipment (boats, ergs, weights, etc.) used should be sanitized and cleaned and dried both before and after usage. Spray bottles with disinfectant are available throughout the facility. Please plan for the additional time necessary to follow these guidelines and plan your workout appropriately.
  • Physical distancing of 2 meters should be used at all times. In some marked areas 1 meter is okay, but keep it to 2 meters whenever possible.
  • All personal items should be stowed away while rowing and taken home with you afterwards. There will be no lost & found and any items found lying around may be discarded.
  • Personal rowing shoes should be used whenever possible. If you do not own your own rowing shoes then use of club shoes should be thoroughly washed with soap and water and disinfected.
  • While the facility will be cleaned, members should take care to clean additional surfaces after they’ve used them. Specifically the toilet should be sprayed with disinfectant and wiped after each use. Remember to disinfect or wash hands after touching any commonly used surface.
  • If you notice the cleaning supplies seem to be running low then please notify the Rowing Manager at
  • All doors inside have been propped open to limit contact with door handles.
  • Please enjoy the Whau and the shed for getting your rowing fix, but please avoid this time for social gatherings not related to exercise.
  • All normal water and health & safety practices are still in place.


  • Non-racing plant is available at this time. See previous instructions for cleaning.
  • You must still comply with Club rules and sign out and back in boats in the log book, water safety rules still apply!
  • Ergs must not be moved from their 2 meter containment zone (marked). When someone is erging please stay behind the black line marked on the floor if you need to walk past them.
  • Weights should be thoroughly cleaned and wiped after use.


  • No official practices or programming will take place at least until the gathering limit is increased or otherwise notified.

Drought Response:West End aims to be environmentally friendly. We must both conserve water during this current drought period and do our part against Covid-19.  Minimal water usage will be a challenge, but can be done:

  • Limit showers to a quick rinse. No excessive water usage in the facility.
  • Avoid using outside water sources (hoses). Watering cans and buckets will be made available for filling up inside and bringing outside to wash and rinse boats.
  • For more information on the drought including how you can help, please take a look at, the restrictions currently in place are: